It starts....

  I love the beach. I love the endless possibilities of the ocean. The sand between my toes, crashing of the waves, heat from the sun and the embracing odor of salt in the wind. It is my quintessential happy place. As I jumped in the just-the-right-temperature water, I remembered a time when I was afraid to go deep because I couldn't swim. I remembered there was this inner fear that I might drown that no longer existed. I had to chuckle to myself as I realized the huge absence of thoughts that once plagued my existence. Things that were so pressing and so important are now a distant memory. After having an in-depth conversation with my great friend, I found the clarity I was seeking. I recognized that it was time to make my current fears a distant memory. 

     Of all of the titles I have been privileged to carry, "Author" was one I had the most difficult time digesting. There is a vulnerability required that differs from my other talents. In theatre, you are encouraged to "become" the character and not just "act" like someone else. As a singer, I am literally adding a little flavor to anothers words. Art is so subjective that you just expect that there will be some that absolutely love it or hate it. Even speaking/hosting engagements allow you to be safely transparent. The idea of writing, penning, typing a story, pouring your heart out to an unknown audience is rather...daunting. For me, its like giving the world a key to my house and not being there to fully explain the quirks, the character, the mess or even the thought behind each room.  I my happy place weighing my fears and this divine but "scary" book deal. Is what I have to say important enough for anyone to read? Am I ready to cross the threshold of transparency into the unfamiliar territory of vulnerability? I could be great. I could leave an amazing legacy of insight for my children's children. I could.....I COULD...I can.... And just like that...I decided I would. I was assured that thoughts of discouragement would come again but I had an unmistakable resolve. With no reservations, I jumped back into my ocean of endless possibilities, and drowned my fears. 

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