When January comes...

    I could easily say..."its the holidays" This is the time where you pig out and let yourself go right? Its December!!! Do all the stuff that you know you'll regret; overindulging in every way. But hey, theres always January! When January comes you will go to the gym and work it all off. You write or just think about new years resolutions that you are ever so resolved to stick to for-real-this-time (to keep your regrets at bay) and like magic all is well. You are back to eating for happiness, not for hunger, living to eat and not eating to live because when January comes you will make it right. 

Surely Im not alone.... (or atleast I hope Im not) but something happened today that changed my perspective. I take one of my godkids to ihop and get this unexpected revelation from the mouth of a babe. I got my food before hers. I ordered my regular big steak omlette with no onions and extra mushrooms, hold on the pancakes so that they dont get cold while I'm devouring my savory omelette stuffed with hashbrown cooked just right and seasoned like homefries...wait...where was I going with this?     Oh yeah...revelation. So the Nyah whom I affectionately call "the Princess" proceeds to ask questions about my food. "Why is it so big? "What is all that stuff? She gets her ONE big pancake with a smiley face made of strawberries and bananas and I am quite relieved to be back to enjoying my large portions with all the "stuff" in peace. 
My waitress brings my short stack of pancakes and i feel like im being watched. Four bites in, the Princess  asked...."sooooo....you gonna eat all THREE pancakes at the same time? All dem pancakes?..you got THREE pancakes and I have 1... You gon eat ALL THREE pancakes at the same time?" I look at my pancakes...all three of them drenched in syrup and butter and I decided not to wait for January to come. 
The magic was in that moment that a 7 year old asked questions that forced the blinders off my eyes. I had to be honest with myself.  Whatever frivolous 
 excuses i had in my mind dissipated quickly. I need to do better. I realized I take care of my car better than I take of my body. Turns out..it wasnt magic...it was a decision. Im not changing overnight or waiting for the "magic" of January; just resolving to make moment to moment decisions to do better. Here i am embarking upon my new journey as an author and a renewed caretaker of my beautiful earth suit. "Check please"

Beautiful Ugliness

  What a priceless moment! I won! Ahhhhhhh! No way! I cant believe it. Ok...maybe its not too hard to believe. After all, I spent about 4 hrs "uglyfying" my sweater with the belief that I would win. Without even knowing the prize, I ran around in circles, arms wide open and even attempted a mid air split. I was truly beyond estatic when they announced the prize of $100! Could it be that Im getting paid for creating something that people deemed ugly? In full actress-drama-queen mode I had to do an old baptist shout and one more run before I accepted my prize. This was a BIG deal for me as I celebrated the runner up who happened to be like my little sister. WE WON!

Quick lesson I learned...(for me there is a lesson in everything:)
Have fun holding up your corner of the universe! Whether or not it is deemed socially acceptable embrace what it is that you do well. Embrace YOU. In the blink of an eye you could easily go from weirdo to trendsetter. 

Just think, at some point, it was rude to say someones clothes were ugly...yet there I was dancing, running around, overjoyed because the "over-the-top" part of me that is constantly told "your too much" and asked "why are you SO loud?" spilled out on a cheap goodwill sweater with all its "ugliness" and incidentally  won me the beauty of renewed confidence that God can use absolutely anything and everything he put inside of me for my good.

P.S. I know that was a serious run on sentence. I am not fond of periods...

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