Let's Fight!

     Cleary, THATS the end goal right? Maybe its just me. But I am just tired of the all out threats of hell and the condemning eyes. Christians and church folks (trust me theres a difference) have been picking fights with one another for centuries. Armed with "their truth" and every scripture they could find that mentioned something about something so therefore....REPENT AND TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS OR ELSE!!!!!

     We have fought so many battles in the "four wall" ring. Some of my favorites that bring all the "Christians" to the yard are:
woman are supposed to be quiet, (yep im totally capable of THAT! NOT), dont drink that sinful wine, (but Jesus' 1st miracle tho?) that one inch from the knee gonna cause your brother to stumble (still haven't found that in the Bible), Jesus HATES homosexuals (but he loves the murderers, thieves, fornicators, crackheads and errbody else) and with the recent very slim chance billion dollar lotto the "christian hunger games" has  begun.
     We are throwing whole bibles (without reading them) at each other, condemning and not convicting, judging folks whole salvation for a $2 piece of paper. Its not enough that we got an enemy who wants to kill us all. You know the one seeking whom he can devour. Looking for a body he can use to create chaos, strife and confusion all because he essentially picked a fight and lost miserably. We, the church have become the modern day Pharisees we read about and said, "we would never". We have become so blinded by our "great intentions" that we are killing each other like the Midianites that attempted to defeat Gideon. In the most unfriendly fire, we have lost more than we have gained and forgot that God said he didnt want ANYONE to perish.
     So, lets fight! Lets fight the spirit that seeks to divide us (we shouldnt be wrestling against flesh and blood anyway). Let's fight to stay together and not be so easily broken. Let's fight to resist the devil so that wimp will flee. Let's  fight that crazy condemning tongue and deceptive heart and show the world our Daddy, our  Savior, our Lord Jesus, our all encompassing God in all his glory. Lets fight the good fight of faith where the answer to the questions, "what do we have to lose?, and what do we have to gain?, is the same: EVERYTHING.

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