Exciting Small Beginnings!!!


NOTHING could have prepared me for the moment I heard my own voice on this movie trailer. My hubby and I were getting ready for a photo shoot and my best friend of 20 years was visiting from New York. Another bestie of mine sent me this message.
     I instantly begin to listen to it as I had been highly anticipating the release of this movie. Midway through I hear the intro music to my song. And then....MY VOICE!!!! I started screaming and laughing and scared my husband as I slid into the kitchen with my phone high in air trying to explain what was happening. I calmed down enough for him to hear the song right before it ended and of course we had to begin again. I found myself screaming all over again. It was, by far one of the most out of body moments I have ever experienced. I wanted to cry and jump and run and sit down and rock like my great grandma used to and watch the clip over and over.
   Let me back up a bit. I have had many ups and downs in my singing career. As with most creative gifts and talents high highs and low lows come with the territory. Nonetheless, it is truly rewarding to have a gift to share. I was in a pretty deep low when this opportunity found me last year. I hadn't touched a microphone to belt out any notes since the doc diagnosed me with nodules on my vocal cords. Its the devastating diagnosis that folks that rely so heavily on their voices hate to hear. Due to the size of modules the doc immediately started talks about surgery and I choose the "thanks-but-no-thanks" route. Though I exuded an outward confidence in God, internally it was a constant fight to hope against hope.
      I submitted an audition piece singing Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" to show the most soulful parts of my voice. It was a major risk but I felt strongly that it would be worth it. And it was! Once chosen, the plan was simple. They send me the song; I learn it and record it in a studio here in Atlanta. But this was my moment. A much needed moment in time that I wanted to milk dry. Once I learned the movie was being filmed in Louisiana, I talked to the music director and asked if I could record the song there and was given the OK. I didn't hesitate to hop on a megabus with my hubby and just like that...suddenly I was back on track to actively pursuing my dream to do what I love so much.

 It was exactly what I needed! I was able to record in a huge studio and learn some insight on how things work behind the scenes. I happened to walk through the wrong door and see some folks building sets. I felt like a kid in the candy store! I knew then that this was an awesome glimpse. This small beginning was what I needed to remind me that I CANNOT give up on what I used to dream about daily. The possibilities are endless. I am destined to sing. There is an audience that needs to hear my voice. There is someone that is needing to see me make it so that they know they make it. It is so easy to lose heart in the face of adversity. The bible says "Hope deferred makes the heart sick" But God's plan for my life was the best anecdote and medicine needed to make things all better! KEEP HOPE ALIVE! Lesson learned!

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