November 9th

I wonder if the sun will still rise on November 9th?
After all the heartbroken unfollows, Mean retweets, Angry FB posts,
Infuriating rants, racist stances, endless fighting and backbiting,
Because he is awful and she can’t be trusted,
What will happen on November 9th?

ON November 9th, will the world still turn?
Can we speak a word and all the “election hatred” be undone?
Will we remain silent after loudly speaking, typing, voicing our opinion?
November 9th, after we elect our new President, will all be forgiven?

Will there be a mass exodus on the day after tomorrow?
Will we wake up full of sorrow?
Will we continue to speak sadness and destruction?
Or will we give ourselves permission to live life and start having fun?

ON the 9th of November, how will the Christians fare?
Will God still be God? Is Victory what you will declare?
No matter who’s voted in office, Will God still govern your life?
Will you be hopeful or hopeless on November 9th?

November 9th is my born day
This year I’m hoping to receive
An END to the politricks and confusion
And to wake up on my birthday in PEACE.

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  1. Beautifully said! God is still God and if He can use a donkey... Well you know the rest!


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