The Clouds Are Moving

     We were on a walk when I noticed her occasionally whimpering. I asked what was wrong and she whined, "No no, my face...I don want my hair my face." I chuckled as I quickly realized she was fighting a losing battle with the wind. This seemed to be the perfect time for a Pocohantas-kind-of- moment to teach her the beauty of the wind. After describing the wind as air that moves and makes the trees dance, I finished off with a Titanic like spread of my arms while loudly exclaiming, "Feel the WIND!!! Dance with the Wind!!!!" She looked at me with the most unimpressed-what-on-earth-is-wrong-with-you face I had ever seen on a toddler and walked off. 
Later that day, another toddler noticed the fluffy clouds and again (as if I am just begging for punishment) I went all mother earth and decided to have them lay down and look at the clouds. "Look at sky! The clouds are moving!!!" This time they were intrigued and even cried "Wow!!! The clouds ARE moving!!!!" I live for these moments. The awesome lightbulb moments where children suddenly become aware of the world around them. I had no idea how much this particular moment in time would later encourage me in the best way.

   I was having quite the unusually bad day. It was the kind of day that everything that could go wrong went wrong and the "brighter side" eluded me. I had issues with family. I had a headache that wouldn't go away. The weather was stirring up asthma symptoms and I felt quite suffocated by myriad of negativity surrounding me. The paradigm shift occurred when I took the children out to play. We stepped outside to the feeling of being draped in saran wrap and thrown in the oven. The kids didn't mind at all and our contrasting moods blared worse then the sun. Internally, I was screaming "God I am so tired! Where are you? What is REALLY going on???" Meanwhile, I am watching the children have a blast as they sipped the ice water I had prepared for them and ran back to play. I gazed at them in awe and worked hard to stay present and out of my own head. It was then that one of the toddlers asked excitedly, 'Do you feel that?' I asked, "feel what?" With the same vigor and enthusiasm I had displayed days earlier she loudly exclaimed, "THE WIND!!!!!" I chuckled as I was reminded how impressionable children are as she threw out her arms wide and embraced the wind that she had no appreciation for just a few days earlier.
   Another toddler runs simultaneously in a jagged circle while screaming exhaustedly, "Nina! THE CLOUDS ARE NOT MOVING!!! I stopped him and said, "They are moving baby! They are always moving. Stop, lay down and be still. I promise you will see them move." My own words hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't realize that the humidity level had significantly dropped in the short span of time we had been outside. There was indeed a wonderful fresh cool breeze flowing in the shade that I was sitting in and I had not noticed it. I was so disgruntled riding the train of unhealthy and unhappy thoughts that I almost missed my stop. These innocent souls unintentionally reminded me to stay present and still to feel the winds of change.
  As I laid down the toddlers followed and we watched the clouds move. I wondered about all the challenges and issues that were already resolved that I may not have noticed. Surely, I missed something while running amuck in my own mind accusing God of not moving on my behalf. Sometimes you have to get revelation the way God gives it. The more you walk out life, the more you realize that Gods ways are more innovative and marvelous than they are mysterious. God IS moving. Sometimes we need to get out of our own heads and be still to see it. Lesson learned.

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