This is It

This is it...I think it is,
The upside down right is wrong,
wrong is right world my great-grandma
warned me about.

One with many religions
Very few relationships
And even less understanding
Yeah...THIS must be it.

This world we live in
That asks open ended questions
and writes open letters for attention
Just to meet responses
with a closed minded argument

It’s not you it’s me
but I’m really thinking it’s you
THIS opinion is important
based on the amount of likes and views

This impatience, this rage, this hate
This disjointed body of Christ
Trying to walk without a cane
or even a leg to stand on

Yep, this is the world that celebrates suicide
because you set yourself free from its slimy stronghold
Giving birth daily to this kind of insanity
But excercising our right to abort babies

And we just sit around
knowingly or unknowingly accepting this…
This right here…

A whole community being destroyed
Lead poisioned and majorly impacted
While we discuss petty fights
between folks PAID to ACT!

I can’t say her name or any of the others
I’m too choked up and can’t breathe
'Cause I’m coughing from the all gas they threw
as I demonstrated peacefully

Hoping, Praying, Writing, Screaming
to start much needed chatter
About the woes of systematic racism
And the fact that our lives matter

Im positive that there has got to be more
And I am not trying to be obtuse.
No way can I accept, receive or believe,
What my eyes tell me is truth.

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