Chronicles Of Motherhood

                                                                          By: Nina Parker

Mothers Love bares the intensity of a thousand fires of coal being used to fuel, strengthen and empower her to Push….Push...Puuuuuush….
Fighting gravity, pain, when everything inside tells her no.
She makes the impossible possible.
Enduring the insurmountable strain of unsolicited advice about “how to” and “why to” while she works hard to tap into God about WHAT to do
Late night feedings, colickly cries while she rocks you back and forth running on fumes and confusing nights with days
Recognizing that she possesses special powers as she suddenly transforms into a ninja after finally laying the baby down and will not hesitate to give two chops to one that dares speak loud
Wondering how so much #1, #2 and…#3 (yes there is a #3) can come out of one tiny baby and getting only a smile in return as she discovers a blowout right before you leave home
Asking “Where is your shoe?” a million times knowing they will be met with not much more than a blank stare or a simple {shrug}
Buying 500 “binkies” pacifiers and your babe falls in love with the one that you cannot find.
Saying “I can't wait till they grow out of this phase” and crying for time to slow down at every milestone.
With every step there is beauty in the complexity of this honorable assignment to care for a life
Moving swiftly and slowly through the journey of unknowns, guiding their paths watching their personalities unfold
The joy of watching them run and play, the burning of your nostrils at how they smell at the end of a long day
Bath time splashes and the excitement of bubbles, story time at bedtime and the “I’m not tired yet” struggle
Standing over them watching them sleep and trying not to wake them while you check to make sure they are still breathing.
Feeling the pain of their boo boos but the peace as they come running to you
Listening to their neverending stories about everything and nothing
Learning another level of patience in potty training
Becoming expert problem solvers for the most unreasonable problems like getting the crust off a rice cake and comforting the fear of their own shadows.
Trying your best to answer “why is the sky blue” and explaining why Mommy can't  make Moon stop following you.
The way your heart melts when they sincerely say “Mommy, You my best friend” and the hilarity of them retracting it the moment you tell them no.
The rivers of tears you cry privately when they assert their independence and reject your hugs and kisses,
That moment when chastising and discipline really does hurt you more than it can ever hurt them.
Feeling like a failure and having your children tell you that your the best
Fractions, Science Projects and school trips
Transforming into a Taxi driver, Manager, Coach, Cheerleader, Cook, Rule Enforcer, Snack Preparer, Defender,Tutor, Advocate, Advice Giving, I told you so without saying I told you so, Cool Mom while expected to remember to wear matching shoes and be a productive member of society.
Having a daily demonstration of God’s love, grace and mercy when your babes becomes teens.
Balancing trying to stop them from making the same mistakes you made but allowing them the freedom in learning from mess ups.
Training them in the way they should go and praying hard when it looks like they are departing.
Giving sound wisdom and encouraging them to “do it afraid”
Learning that you are strongest when you are the weakest.
Realizing that despite the good, the bad and ugly you would still choose them. Knowing that THIS...and so much more... is the Joy the Pain, the beauty the grit the DNA of motherhood and you would choose it over and over and over again.

Mothers, I salute you.
Whether you are currently an incubator of a precious life, or you are anticipating meeting your children raised in heaven Thank you. Mothers,  Mentors, Mamas,  Thank you...Mom, Mommy, Mami, Mama, Yadda, Mima, Mimi Granny, Godmommy, Grandmama, Glam-ma, Abuela, Madea, Nana, Linda Linda listen, Ma2, StepMom, Muddah, Ganny, Ma Thank you,Thank you, THANK YOU!

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